Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 31, 2012

New state laws to take effect on Jan. 1

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — — With a new year, comes new laws. On Jan. 1, almost 150 new Illinois laws will take effect, according to a press release from State Sen. John O. Jones.

Some of the laws have been updated and some of them are new. Here is a look at some of the news laws of 2013.

Some of the laws, when they were initially introduced, caused some controversy. Among them was a law that created an annual surcharge to be paid by all live adult entertainment facilities operating in Illinois. The law, HB 1645/PA 97-1035, states that beginning Jan. 20, 2014, all adult entertainment facilities will have to charge either a $3 entry fee or pay a surcharge between $5,000 - $25,000 annually, which would be based on the facilities gross receipts from the previous calendar year. The bulk of the proceeds will be directed into the Sexual Assault Prevention Fund.

Another law introduced, SB 1566/PA 97-1136, approved revenue to stimulate the Department of Natural Resources. The new law will reportedly bring in $32 million in revenue for the DNR through creation of entry fees, use fees, shipping fees, consultation fees and increases in current fees.

Senate Bill 2537/PA 97-1079, also called “Caylee’s Law.” increases the penalties for failure to report the death or disappearance of a child 13 years or younger within 24 hours. Charges can also be filed for caretakers who provide false information to law enforcement or other authorities involved in the investigation.

Another new law, HB 3782/PA 97-875, prohibits employers from requesting or requiring any current or prospective employee to provide any account information, including passwords, in order to gain access to the employee’s social networking site or sites, according to the press release. The bill also protects employers, who are not allowed to ask employees or job applicants about age, sex, race, or sexual orientation — all information that could be easily gleaned from a social networking site.

These are just some of the laws that will take effect in 2013. For a full list of the new laws going into effect Jan. 1, visit,