Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 4, 2013

Six sheriff candidates in primary

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — A sixth sheriff candidate filed for candidacy prior to the deadline, setting up three candidates for each party in the March 18 primary.

David G. Morris, a Republican, filed on Monday resulting in a battle among he, John Scott and John Lewis for the party’s nomination. Morris and Lewis are from Mt. Vernon, Scott from Waltonville.

Three Democrats also filed for the office, including Travis Allen of Bonnie, Joey Porter of Bluford and incumbent Roger D. Mulch of Mt. Vernon.

A lottery will be held at 8:15 a.m. Monday to determine ballot position for sheriff among two candidates for each party — Lewis and Scott for the Republicans and Allen and Porter for the Democrats. Lotteries will also be held for precinct committeemen in Dodds 2 and Mt. Vernon 5. Republicans Walter Nadolski and Stephen Modert filed simultaneously in Dodds 2 and Michael E. Flanagan and Robert J. White filed simultaneously in Mt. Vernon 5. Both are Republicans.

County Clerk Connie Simmons of Dix and County Treasurer Dan Knox of Woodlawn will run unopposed for their offices.

Write-in candidates will be accepted through Jan. 16, according to Simmons.

The County Board will lose two of its senior members — Democrats Jim Laird in District 7 and Don Rector in District 8. Neither filed for re-election.

“I’ve run two terms and that’s long enough,” Laird said of his decision. “It’s time for new blood, and maybe they can do better.” Laird served on the County Board for nine years after being appointed to fill a vacancy created by Buddy Allen.

Voters will elect new Board members in six districts. The only primary race is in District 8 where Republicans Clifford E. Lindemann and Michael R. Bullard, both of Bluford, will be seeking their party nomination. Two other districts will have contested races in November. Republican incumbent Steve Draege of Woodlawn (District 1) will be opposed by Democrat Jacob Frick of Woodlawn; and seeking Laird’s seat in District 7 are Republican Mike Neuman of Waltonville and Democrat Justin Fulkerson of Bonnie.

Running unopposed for remaining County Board seats are Republican incumbents Jeff Williams in District 6 and Robert “Bob” Watt in District 10 and Democrat Jeremy Hall in District 11.

Precinct committeemen filing petitions of candidacy include:

Randy Pytlinski (R) Blissville; Walt Garrison (D) and Steve Draege (R) in Casner; Ted Buck Sr. (D) and Barbara Froehling and Benjamin D. Johnson (R) in Dodds 1; Walter Nadolski (R) and Stephen Modert in Dodds 2; Richard D. Rowe (R) in Elk Prairie; Mark Donoho (R) in Farrington; Jerry Simmons (D) and Vita Matrangelo (D) and Christopher Bean (R) in Field; Matt Hails (R) in Grand Prairie; Russell Wilton (D) in McClellan; Christine Johnson (R) in Moores Prairie; Paul Rainwater (D), Jason Hulbert (D) and Allen Simpson (R) in Mt. Vernon 1; Branden W. Schrader (R), Paul E. Shields (R) and Les Sinks (R) in Mt. Vernon 2; Bart Wright (D) and Cassandra McDermott (R) in Mt. Vernon 3; Grace Smith (D) in Mt. Vernon 4; Larry Hicks (D), Michael E. Flanagan (R) and Robert J. White (R) in Mt. Vernon 5; Michael Blakemore (D) in Mt. Vernon 6; Donald E. Irvin (D) and Tommy Hayes (R) in Mt. Vernon 7; Richard L. Stubblefield (R) in Mt. Vernon 8; Kristopher M. Chamness (R) in Mt. Vernon 9; Philip Hopkins (D) and Robert J. Kiefer (R) in Pendleton; Larry R. Mooney (D) and Charles H. Burge (R) in Rome 1; Jay Simmons (D) and Dessie Staley (R) in Rome 2; Kay Elliott (D) and Robert Knutson (R) in Shiloh 1; Paula Routt (D) and Richard “Dick” Martin (R) in Shiloh 3; Russell J. Dalby (D) and Daniel Hoffman (R) in Shiloh 4; Randy J. Edwards (R) in Shiloh 5; Robert Dunbar (D) in Spring Garden 1; Buddy Allen (D) and Lloyd Adams (R) in Spring Garden 2; Alice Harris (D) and Clifford Lindemann (R) in Webber 1; and Mark Marlow (R) in Webber 2.