Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 6, 2013

Police stop scam

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Door-to-door salespeople and other solicitors are required to obtain a permit from Mt. Vernon City Hall if they wish to do business here.

Mt. Vernon Police are making that clear after a group of solicitors apparently were in the city Wednesday, attempting to sell magazines to support troops.

According to Mt. Vernon Chief of Police Chris Mendenall, the department received complaints of an individual or individuals selling the magazine subscriptions in the 34th Street area. An officer made contact with an individual from Evansville, Ind., who did not have a permit to make these sales and stopped selling for the evening. The individual was telling people that he was selling magazines to support our troops.

"We can not confirm or deny this was the case, however, we would like to let people know they have three days to cancel such subscriptions on door to door sales; and people should be way of this type of sale this time of year," Mendenall said. "In the past we have received complaints of a scam that had occurred on these type of sales."

Mendenall said often these salespeople work in groups and do not bother to get the proper permits from city hall.

"If they don't proper permits, hopefully we can catch them early on, and ask them to receive proper permits or leave town," he added. Mendenall said as of Thursday morning, no solicitors had requested permits from city hall to sell magazines.

Another solicitor was reportedly at an apartment complex west of town on Wednesday, claiming to be a politician, and then seeking to sell items. However, when officials of the apartment complex received the complaint, the solicitor had reportedly left the area.

Mendenall said he was unaware of that complaint, but apartment complexes generally have a no solicitation policy.