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December 7, 2013


I first heard Meghan (Crain) Barrow, of McLeansboro, perform in 2009. I was so impressed with this young lady that I asked her to be our opening act at the second WolfStock that same year.

Then, in 2010, she was also the opening act at the Spring Thaw, held at the Granada Theater

She was one of those individuals who was obviously going to be a performer, even at an early age.

“I was that four-year-old driving her family crazy singing at the top of my lungs constantly. I’ve always loved to sing,” said Barrow. “The next decade I spent doing the talent show thing.”

But it took a while before Barrow would realize her talents with a musical instrument. In fact, she had some unexpected help in that regard.

“When I was grounded at 15, I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to learn the guitar. I started to play out with other fellow musicians but hadn’t quite ventured out on my own yet,” Barrow said. “When I was in college, I had a speech professor who loved to play and sing. She got me my first ‘college gig’ on my own and really introduced me to a great music community where I went to school in Charleston. Though there were many a shows and experiences before then, that is where I really got my start stepping out on my own, just me and my guitar! Since then I have been fortunate enough to keep a pretty busy music schedule. I love playing music of all sorts these days. The type of music I play has evolved greatly from since I started. I was strictly a country singer, but have since moved on to a wider variety. Country is still dear to my heart, but you are more likely to here folksy, singer-songwriter type songs, old and new, when you come to my shows now. I’ve learned to take any song I like and put a sort of ‘coffee house rock’ twist on it making it my own!”

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