Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 11, 2013

Unofficial election results released Canvas of votes to start April 23


---- — MT. VERNON — All ballots that were received by April 8 have been counted for the election, including write-in candidates and absentee and early voting."There will still be some late ballots come in and we count them through April 23," said Connie Simmons, Jefferson County clerk and recorder. "They must have been postmarked by April 8 to count in the election. I will be canvasing votes on April 23, and some may be canvassed on April 24."The Consolidated Election did not have high voter turnout, with 5,211 ballots cast from a pool of 24,693 registered voters — amounting to a 21.1 percent voter turnout.In city races, for Mayor of the City of Mt. Vernon, Mary Jane Chesley rec eived 1,184 votes; for City Clerk, Jerilee Hopkins received 1,149 votes; for city treasurer, Doris Stover received 528 votes and Mary Jo Pemberton received 889 votes; for city councilman, with two seats up for election, Dennis McEnaney received 740 votes, Donte Moore 705, David Morgan 357, Todd Piper 760 and write-in candidate Steven Casper with 113 votes.For the city of Nason, there were 35 votes for write-in cadidates with Richard Buck receiving 17 votes and Richard Tomazzoli receiving 16 votes; for city clerk of Nason, Lori Graham received 40 votes; for treasurer, Linda Allison received 41 votes; for alderman of ward 1, Charles O. Taitt received 12 votes; for ward 2, Brian K. Hays received 18 votes and for ward 3, Travis D. Graham received 12 votes.In Belle Rive, Kimberly McCormick received 78 votes for village president; Doris Mallory received 78 votes for village clerk; for trustee, with three positions open and only two running, William E. Cross received 51 votes and Delmar Shorb ,68. In Bluford, two candidates were running for three positions as village trustee, with Willard L. Baker receiving 49 votes and Michael R. Bullard receiving 56 votes.In Bonnie, three were running for three positions in a four year full term as trustee with Jimmie Strain receiving 53 votes, Glenn Claytor, 36 votes and Larry Funkhouser 39 votes. In the unexpired two year term for village trrustee, there were three candidates for two positions, Raymond Sackman receiving 26 votes, Cory Lee Breeze 41 votes and LaKaela Johnson receiving 27 votes. For village clerk of Dix, Michelle Springer received 58 votes. For village trustee and three seats up for election, Larry Springer received 38 votes, Sharon S. Bean, 48, Phil Pittman, 13, Charles H. Burge, 37, and Darrell Hungate 35 votes.For Mayor/Village President of Ina, Andy M. Hutchens received 106 votes; for village clerk, Mary Beth Bowers received 102 votes; for three seats as trustee on the village board, JoAnn Joy received 75 votes, Walter Grimes received 64, Bobbie L. "Bob" Sheridan received 84 votes and Michelle Sigwerth received 65 votes. For village president of Waltonville, Randy Dees received 42 votes; for trustee, with three positions open and two candidates, Chloe Dulaney received 40 votes and Mike Kuhner received 32 votes. In Woodlawn, for mayor, Charles McNealy received 58 votes and Brian Spangler 65 votes; for village clerk, Marcia Tinsley received 97 votes; and for trustee, Tim Loss received 73 votes, Williams "Bill"Shega received 73 votes and Joe Eckelberry received 70 votes.In township positions, for Bald Hill Township supervisor, Stephanie Anderson received 127 votes; Robin Murry received 125 votes for township clerk; Ronald Frisch received 145 votes for highway commissioner, and for trustee, Walter Wagner received 124 votes, Johnny Czerwinski received 112, Jimmy Czerwinski received 115 and Donnie Laird received 120 votes.In Blissville Township, Stacy (Pytlinski Helm received 85 votes; Art Someske received 74 votes for highway commissioner, and for trustee, Chad Hays received 51, Rick Pytlinski received 66, Chris A. Kujawa received 66, and Steven L. Liggett received 74 votes. In Casner Township, Judith Diane Wilson received 230 votes for township supervisor; Walt Garrison received 227 for township clerk; Lance Hutchison received 220 votes and Bud Harris received 57 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four seats up for election, Darrell Sheridan received 170 votes, Sherry Williams 192, Michael Braddy 145, Bob Hood 148 and Donald Kalahar 101 votes.In Dodds Township, Debra J. Smith received 302 votes for township supervisor; Marvin Richardson received 187 votes and Ben Johnson received 179 votes for township clerk; Scott Clifton received 301 votes for township assessor; Joel Ham received 328 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four seats up for election, Asa Buck received 167 votes, Wes Lampp 188, Randy Forby 178, Kerry Richardson 124, Ryan Grothoff 142, Stephen Modert 123, Steven Warner 123 and Scott Flota 182.In Elk Prairie Township, Charles W. Dees received 128 votes for township supervisor; Arthur Lee Holloway received 114 votes for township clerk; Robert Irvin Jr. received 127 votes for highway commissioner; and for township trustee, Paul Kiselewski received 75 votes, Candis Schaefer 71 votes, Robert L. Dent received 124 votes and Jim Laird received 105 votes.In Farrington Township, Marshall Mills received 70 votes for township supervisor; Wayne L. Jones received 67 votes for township clerk; Virgil Withrow received 61 votes for highway commissioner; and for township trustee, Wayne Hails received 52 votes, Jerry Halfacre received 55 votes, Mark Pierce received 61 votes and David DeJournett received 61 votes.In Field Township, Debra Delaney received 82 votes for township supervisor; Kathy Birdsong received 92 votes for township clerk; Gary Wood received 94 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee with four seats available, Bryan Delaney received 40 votes, Alva "Butch" Shehorn received 68 votes, Christopher K. Bean r4eceived 69 votes, Greg Marlow 63 votes, Steven W. Davis Sr. received 30 votes and Larry O. Wood received 65 votes.In Grand Prairie Township, Douglas Hails received 143 votes for township supervisor; Peter C. Bossardet received 134 votes for township clerk; Tony Foutch received 149 and Tony King 47 for highway commissioner; and for township trustee, Lynn Strack received 107 votes, Matthew Hails received 106, Lanny Copeland received 117, and Don Copeland received 112 votes.In McClellan Township, Karen Bean received 220 votes for township supervisor; David Steward received 215 votes for township clerk; Ken Hayse received 219 for township assessor; Russell Wilton received 192 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four seats for election, Steve Hays received 161; Bradley E. Williams received 128, Linda Smith received 123, Shawn Utlaut received 109, and Johnnie L. Nelson received 146 votes.In Moores Prairie Township, Anne Sink received 69 votes for township supervisor; David Scrivner received 69 votes for clerk; Joshua Hamson received 68 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee, Timonty D. Haile received 59 votes, Christine Johnson received 56 votes, Paul Rapp 47 votes, and Philip J.Schlad 64 votes. In Mt. Vernon Township, Jason K. Hulbert received 606 votes and Amand K. Bean 646 votes; Breanda (Outland) Hulbert received 833 votes; Sheridan "Sherry" Meadows received 1,047 votes for township assessor; Terry Moore received 960 votes for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four seats available, David Edmison received 677 votes, Brett N. Gibbs 717 votes, Charles M. Given 397 votes, Eddie M. Henry 472 votes, Curt Mowrer 582 votes and Nicholas LeMay 535 votes.In Pendleton Township, Paul Manning received 144 votes and Robert J. Kiefer 133 votes for township supervisor; Treasa Brookman received 232 votes for township clerk; Harold Dean Poole received 119 and Leslie D. Kemp 158 for highway commissioner; and for four seats as trustee, Cynthia Leeck received 168 votes, Douglas Gowler 118 votes, Philip Hopkins 137 votes, Jeff Sandy 114 votes, Kerry G. Robertson, 141 votes, and Tony D. Hines 154 votes.In Rome Township, Pamela A. Jones received 210 votes for supervisor; Willis Prosise received 222 for clerk; Roger Tinsley received 231 for assessor; John Burkett received 92 and Edgar Mooney 168 for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four seats for election, Rod Mays received 206 votes, James Brett Burnes 146, Martin Miley 130, Walter E. Heckler 67, John Riley 114, Glen Meyers 51, Leslie Jay Simmons 85 and Gary Goddard 129 votes.In Shiloh Township, Brenda Hayes received 587 votes for supervisor; Jack Hamilton received 557 for clerk; Aaron J. Thomas 568 for assessor; Melvin Sanders 567 for highway commissioner; and for trustee, Richard "Dick" Martin received 441, Larry Kent 391, Jason Hayes 387 and Kitty Irvin 459 votes.In Spring Garden Township, Steven E. Adams received 280 votes for supervisor; Brenda Allen 270 votes for clerk; Harlan Payne 282 votes for highway commissioner, and for trustee, Garrett Payne 215 votes, Wayne Fowler 220 votes, Thomas Rightnowar 201 votes, and Mike Allen 211 votes.In Webber Township, J. Mel Brookman received 159 votes and Kevin Young 143 votes for township supervisor; Janeen Belmont 162 for clerk; Kenneth Breeze 248 for assessor; Robbie Drew 249 for highway commissioner; and for trustee, with four positions, Jerry Vance 175, Kevin Baker 114, Justin Sneed 222, Rick McKinney 193, Timothy Marlow 148 and Clifford Lindeman with 130 votes.