Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 11, 2013

Society collecting school artifacts


---- — MT. VERNON — To coincide with its spring opening on the first weekend in May, officials of the Jefferson County Historical Society are organizing a unique exhibition.Organizing exhibits that will go up in the Schweinfurth Museum during the open season from May through October, the Society is seeking help from the public in obtaining items for a Jefferson County School exhibit. The exhibit will focus on schools that are still in existence, as well as those which are no longer standing."As we have gone through artifacts for the exhibit we already have on hand, we noticed we have things like Certificates of Attendance and diplomas, but one thing we don't have are actual school-related objects," stated Jamie Wheeler, Director of Community Relations. "We are in need of these 'objects' related to Jefferson County schools, or stories and remembrances of people's school days in Jefferson County schools for our exhibit."The exhibit will include one-room and county schools, as well as Mt. Vernon City Schools and Mt. Vernon High School. It will also include schools like Bethel, Woodlawn, Waltonville, and Bluford, among others, as well as old high schools in Jefferson County that aren't in existence any more, a news release stated.Wheeler said several items have been donated to the Society from one-room schools and other schools in the county. "Surprisingly, we've had a number of things donated from our county schools, especially since we've been involved in the one-room school sign project. There's been a lot of talk about all the schools in the county. We're trying to include everything," she said.Anyone with objects, stories, or other items to donate or loan for the exhibit are asked to contact the Jefferson County Historical Society at 246-0033. The Jefferson County Schools exhibit will be on display for three years. Loans will be accepted even if an individual doesn't want to loan the item for the entire three year period of the exhibit. Paper items can also be photocopied."If people want to lend their items to us for three years, that's fine. If they just want to donate them during this year during our open season, that's fine too," Wheeler said. "We'll take things for any length of time they want to give it to us."