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December 17, 2012

Restricted funds expected to fund payroll for second month

MT. VERNON — — The County Board is expected to allow the treasurer to use up to $250,000 in restricted funds to meet payroll for the second month in a row.

At this time, the county has $459,491 in its general corporate fund, and $150,772 in the restricted account. Jefferson County Treasurer Dan Knox said the restricted fund balance is after he used the approved $250,000 to meet payroll expenses.

During his report to the county board last week, Knox reported the probation fund has $492,282, with September through November still owed to the account. $287,724 was received toward the funds owed, and Knox said the county will receive each monthly payment in addition to $50,000 from the Second Judicial Circuit on the past due amounts until the monies owed are paid in full.

At the end of the fiscal year on Nov. 30, Knox said the county received $5,044,906.35 in revenue.

“That’s up about a half million over last year,” Knox said. “That’s probably because the income tax has been increased.”

The first month totals for the fiscal year are $103,047 received from the 1/4 percent sales tax; $38,849 from the 1 percent sales tax; $89,000 from the Public Safety Tax; and $15,000 from the Personal Property Replacement Tax.

Next month, the county is expected to abate property taxes for the bond payment of the Jefferson County Justice Center. The Public Safety Tax funds have been allocated for the bond payments by county board ordinance. Knox said at this time, there is $2.065,806.68 in the Public Safety Tax account — enough to abate the property taxes. The next bond payment of $681,645 is due on January 15, 2013, and the second payment for the year 2013 is due in July at $275,000.

Knox explained before the property tax can be abated for the Justice Center bond payment, the county must have enough to make both payments in an escrow account.

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