Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 8, 2013

Many items at hospital auction


---- — By RICK HAYESrick.hayes@register-news.comMT. VERNON — In less than two weeks, bidders from near and far will converge on the grounds of the former St. Mary Good Samaritan Hospital for a huge auction.The auction is being conducted by Cat's Liquidation Co., whose employees for nearly a month now, have been collecting and sorting various items in preparation for the three-day sale which commences on April 18 and continues through the 20th.Catfish Russell, the owner of the liquidation company, said he has received many telephone inquiries about the sale, including bidders from as far away as Pennsylvania and Texas."When you get into this medical stuff, there are people who deal with this and know what it is," Russell said. "Everything at the hospital is more than what you can buy at Walmart."Russell said bidders will be able to purchase a wide price range of items, with nearly 600 soap dispensers on the auction block to equipment in the cafeteria.On the 18th, items on the first floor and outside will be sold, including 49 flat televisions, 43 old CRT televisions, 114 hanging televisions, microwave ovens, chairs and 36 hospital beds.On the 19th, everything on the second and third floors will be sold, including kitchen equipment and appliances, and several medical-related items.The final day will be reserved for items at the former Sister Joanne Building."We pray that we get is all sold in three days," Russell said. "There's more and more all the time."Russell added that a special viewing of the items to be auctioned off will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17."We think it all will eventually be sold," said Stephen Shores, vice president and general manager of the Shores Builders, the company which purchased the facility. "There are some items that won't be in the auction, like the major mechanical items, that will be sold through the Internet."Shores said the hospital building is currently being surveyed and tested for asbestos.Once that has been completed, he said, "We'll be taking bids for abatement in the next few weeks and demolition will start sometime this summer."Shores said company officials are considering all options on what to do with the property."Our future plans are undetermined at this time," Shores said.For a full listing on items included in the auction you can go to the web site or to for photographs.