Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 9, 2013

New campus update provided

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — An update on the building plans for the new proposed Mt. Vernon High School were provided Monday night during a meeting of the Building Committee.

Only three of the seven Board of Education members attended the meeting in which Greg Brown of FGM Architects presented schematic drawings of some of the highlighted areas of the school.

Brown said at the outset the architects are drawing near the end of the design development stage, which will conclude at the end of this month.

“That will lead to our bidding process in October. We’ll start construction either in December of this year or January of next year,” Brown said.

Brown led Board members through the main entrance of the school, which will have a “walk off” carpet with a school emblem in the secured vestibule. The vestibule will also include a history wall; and on the other side of the locked doors — which will be open only at the start and end of the school day — will include two stairwell cases, a video board and display cases. Officials also discussed developing a timeline on the floor to the court area.

The Media Center will include one large room and three smaller rooms, including a large open space for reading. Brown also said the design will allow for three locations where “breakout” classes could be held for smaller class settings.

The cafeteria will be inside the court. The structure will have a seating capacity of 520, although Brown indicated that 600 students could be seated in the area in three shifts.

“I think this will be an active area, not just for lunch time,” Brown said.

Students can enter the gym through the cafeteria, and a separate public entrance is available from outdoors. The main entrance from outdoors will contain a Rams mosaic over the main entrance.

The stadium design will feature bleachers on each end of the floor and chair back seating on each side of the gym. It will include a main scoreboard above the middle of the floor and two other scoreboards will be installed on each end of the court. There will also be a running track on the second floor. The gym will have a seating capacity of 2,000.

Brown also presented drawings of the auxiliary gymnasium, theater and turf room.

Colors and finishes for the entire school have not been finalized, Brown noted.

He indicated he would be meeting with staff today to decide on such matters as the mechanical system, technology, and security and communication systems.

“At bid time, we may push it out, depending on what the market does to make sure there is a lot of interest. We’ve been getting a lot of calls on this project. It’s a big project, and there are lot of big contractors looking at it,” Brown said.

“The whole building is broken out into sections rather than traditional classrooms,” said Superintendent Mike Smith. “We’re building a new Career Technology Education Building and a professional level theater. Nobody is doing that these days.”