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June 25, 2013

Chamber questions MVTHS price tag



However, the Chamber says the new plans do not cost local taxpayers the same amount.

"The Mt. Vernon Township High School Board of Education and the superintendent presently have on the table a new and much different high school plan with a price tag of roughly $72 million, with $48 million coming from the state," the letter states. "The high school board has the capability to sell those $19.8 million bonds that voters approved at a premium, resulting in higher burden on taxpayers (roughly $24 to $25 million) if they cannot secure the difference by way of donations, building and land sales, and other plans to raise the funds.

"The CDB approved up to $72 million for a new school, and your school board is planning to build just that, a $72 million plan out for bid currently. This price tag does not include demolition of the existing buildings, moving, furnishings, and a host of other significant expenses that will be incurred.

"How exactly we will be paying for this school plan is still up in the air and the school board has not given any indication about this until bids come in. Once bids come in, if they are too high, the school board and architects plan is to start cutting from this new plan to reduce costs."

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