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October 23, 2013

Judge challenges Webber students


Overstreet briefly spoke on the third and forth reasons: no trust and no time. Basically once your parents lose trust due to your choices it is damaged and it will never be the same. Also once you have been convicted of the crime you will spend months going to court and meeting with a probational officer.

The fifth reason is no privacy. Overstreet talked about a judge who ordered a urine analysis which tests for drugs in your system.

A new device was shown to the student body that is called a silver link. This is a breathalyzer with GPS and a camera attached to it. The GPS shows exactly where the test was taken and the camera takes a picture while the test is taken. Oversteert and Nikitia Hughes (a probational officer) brought down a volunteer, junior Austin Gowler, to take a better look at the device.

The last two reasons were no money due to fines and the loss of driving privileges.

Throughout the presentation Overstreet made it clear of the consequences in which more than one person can get a ticket and be convicted for having possession of drugs or alcohol as long as it is within reach.

At the conclusion of the presentation Overstreet mentioned that each student was going to be given a one page contract to take home to their parents. This contract is to be looked over by the student and parent to agree to leave a party or not partake in those type of situations.

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