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October 30, 2013

Valley Breeze School remembered

The One Room School Sign Committee is beginning phase two of its project to honor the one-room schools throughout Jefferson County.

The goal of the committee is to add to the school signs the beginning and closing dates of each school. Andy McKelvy of Jefferson County Title Company is researching the land titles for the committee to help obtain the dates.

The committee is still collecting school pictures, school stories and artifacts to be included in township books.

Recently, Valley Breeze one-room school, which was located in Dodds Township, was honored with a sign and former students told stories about their time at the school.

Clyde Dale Davis attended Valley Breeze School all of his grade school years from 1943 to 1950. Davis completed fourth and fifth grade in the same school year. According to Davis, one of the benefits from attending a one room school was that a student could listen and learn while other grades were reciting and being taught.

During this time, some of the teachers were Lillian Sledge, Everett Hopper, Laverne Carroll, Ernie Johnston and Rose Hertenstein. Proof of their success is the fact that Davis was an educator for 37 years and still has a love for knowledge.

The school had no indoor plumbing. Water was drawn from a well on the school yard. Lunches were brought from home either in a sack or a lunch box. In winter, heat was furnished from a large jacketed stove located in a rear corner of the school. The school did have electric lights.

Jim Rowe attended Valley Breeze for all eight grades. He remembers carrying coal from the coal house to feed the stove, the cloak room with coats hanging on hooks, pumping the pump and a wintry crust of ice on the water container, lunch boxes and hard seats.

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