Mt. Vernon Register-News


June 19, 2013

Jaycees cleaning out train depot


"The Historical Society was gracious enough to donate that building to us when we moved into that clubhouse, so we're also looking for someone interested in obtaining or taking that building from us," Schulte said, noting the depot is on city property. "We're hoping that some non-profit organization would be interested in it. It does have heating, and it's a viable building for some organization to use."

Schulte said the Mt. Vernon community has been very supportive of the club through the years.

"We were a very active part of the Mt. Vernon community for decades. Some of the projects we hang our hat on is Salute to Freedom, Haunted House, and we started and maintained the Christmas lighting program for the downtown area and the four main roads coming into town. As our membership diminished, those projects were taken over by different people," Schulte said. "The Haunted House is one of the oldest functions of the Jaycees that a lot of people will remember."

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