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July 20, 2013

Smith salary above norm


n Hamilton County Community Unit School District 10, which has a unit population of 1,188, paid its superintendent $127,865; and

n Benton Consolidated High School, which has 581 students, paid its superintendent $130,631.

There are some larger districts in Southern Illinois with higher superintendent salaries:

n O’Fallon Township High School District 203, which has a student population of 2,508, paid its superintendent $175,000;

n Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7, which has a district population of 7,480, paid its superintendent $164,185; and

n Herrin Community Unit School District 4, which has 2,528 students, paid its superintendent $177,576.

Two smaller districts in Jefferson County, Waltonville and Woodlawn, paid superintendents $84,000 and $101,666 respectively in 2012. District 80 grade school paid its superintendent $106,709.

Smith said a number of factors go into determining a superintendent’s salary, including the size and type of the district, years of experience, level of education and level of success. Smith has 28 years of experience and a Ph.D.

“There’s a whole lot that plays into it,” Smith said.

MVTHS Board President Carl Miller said it’s reasonable to compensate superintendents more in larger districts because those districts have more students, more teachers, and more responsibility for the administrator.

Ron Daniels, Jefferson-Hamilton Counties Regional Superintendent of Schools, said much like CEOs in the private sector, superintendents for larger school districts tend to get paid higher salaries.

This can be because the superintendent has more responsibilities or because the district has the capital funds to compensate them at that level, Daniels said.

“Typically, the larger districts are going to be able to pay a larger salary,” Daniels said.

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