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July 23, 2013

Big Muddy report prompts recommendations


The association issued these recommendations:

Hiring sex offender treatment staff at Big Muddy be prioritized and that Big Muddy track the success of their sex offender treatment program;

Simultaneously, JHA recommends that Illinois research the cost and effectiveness of its sex offender management laws and expand resources for sex offender reentry housing;

JHA recommends that IDOC ensure adequate means of communication for deaf and hard of hearing inmates, and retrain staff on disability issues;

JHA recommends that Big Muddy retrain staff on the importance of a functional grievance system, as well as the inappropriateness of retaliation;

JHA recommends that Big Muddy track segregation use;

JHA continues to recommend abolishing the $5 copay for healthcare;

JHA continues to recommend expansion of substance abuse treatment.

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