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July 24, 2013

RLCD lowers tax levy

BENTON — The Rend Lake Conservancy District Board voted to reduce the property tax levy by 5 percent.

"Over time, the board has been reducing the levy," said Larry Sanders, assistant manager and treasurer or the district. "In 2005, payable 2006, the levy was $542,000. This year, the board lowered the levy to $418,000."

Sanders said the board was presented with a levy ordinance which would have reduced the amount by 1 percent, however, board members asked for a further reduction. Last year, the levy was at $418,000.

"I want to eliminate the tax levy altogether," said board member Jere Shaw. "I don't think we need it. We're floating in money. I think everything should be fee-based."

However, others on the board believe differently, in particular the board members from Franklin County. Two board members were missing from the July regular board meeting, both from Franklin County. Board members present negotiated and voted to reduce the levy by 5 percent.

The general corporate fund tax levy approved is $350,000; and $68,000 was levied for special purposes — Social Security and IMRF.

"The levied amounts will be used to offset, to the extent possible, IMRF int he following district funds: $24,000 for general and $44,000 for recreation," the levy ordinance states.

The appropriated amount for Social Security for the district is at $211,549, with none of the liability coming from a property tax levy; and the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund contribution obligation is $288,899 — with $68,000 levied.

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