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July 26, 2013

Couple teaches the art of dancing

MT. VERNON – Dan and Neth Huebel of Mt. Vernon have been dance instructors for about six years now and their teaching philosophy can be summed up in two words – nurturing confidence.

“Our goal is to get people interested in dancing, not necessarily to teach them to dance like us, but just to get them exposed to it and get their confidence up so they can go out on the dance floor,” Dan Huebel said. “Because that's where you really learn to dance is on the dance floor.”

The Huebels showed off their dancing skills Thursday by leading a swing dancing class at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. Their class was one of several activities held that evening at Cedarhurst for the Thursday Night Live celebration.

While there are many styles of swing dancing, the Huebels chose one of the slower, “smoother” styles for Thursday's lesson, a style known as “Single Time Swing” or the “Jitterbug.”

“It's not as energetic as some of the other styles,” Dan said. “You do it to real fast music. It seems like you're moving fast, but you're really moving slow.”

First, the Huebels demonstrated the dance, then they broke it down step-by-step before the students tried it themselves.

Dan and Neth Huebel have been married for seven years. They teach dancing through Rend Lake College at their dance studio in Whittington, and also offer private lessons. The couple also donates their time, teaching dance at area rest homes where their lessons are quite popular, Neth said.

“They call us a lot,” Neth said of the rest homes.

Both Dan and Neth have been interested in dance for many years. For Neth, dance has been a lifelong passion since it is what brought her parents together in the Philippines.

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