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July 27, 2013

Crops show good promise in region

MT. VERNON — After a disastrous 2012 crop due to drought conditions, Jefferson County farmers are counting on a good bounce back year.

Judging by early reports, it appears this year’s corn and soybeans crops will be plentiful.

“In my area, the crops look good. The corn is excellent,” said Waltonville farmer Jim Laird. “There’s going to be some wet spots, and in those areas where it’s wet, those crops are going to be hurt. All of us that have upland ground should have good crops,” he added.

Laird, who farms about 1,000 acres northwest of Rend Lake, said he normally averages a yield of about 150 bushels or more of corn per year and 45 to 50 bushels of soybeans, and he expects to hit those yield marks this year.

“Except for the areas that have flooded, the crops are excellent,” said Randy Rubenacker of Rubenacker Farms in Hamilton County. “The rain we had last Saturday in Hamilton, White and Saline counties was a general rain, and helped crops that we’re in good shape. Based on everything that I’ve heard, crops here are better than in central and northern Illinois.”

The Rubenackers actually have farm ground in Hamilton, Saline, Wayne and White counties.

Rubenacker said most of the corn that was planted in early fall is looking good.

“The early corn has pollinated and for the most part has made. The latter part is in process of pollinating right now,” he said, adding the first crops were planted in early April.

“We’re planting beans today (Thursday) in the areas that was flooded out. For the most part that is rare for this area,” he said.

Rubenacker predicted the earliest corn could be harvested is late August or the first week in September, adding, “There will be a lot of corn harvested in September.”

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