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April 12, 2013

District 80 maintenance plan approved

MT. VERNON — Over $88,000 in summer maintenance projects were approved by the District 80 Board of Education during its meeting Wednesday.One of the largest expenses listed by school officials is for asbestos removal at Hall School to be able to move the computer lab wall. School officials have an estimate of $14,600 for that work, and another contractor will remove the wall in the computer lab and reinstall at an estimated cost of $4,120. "One of the largest expenses is for removing a wall at Hall School for removing the asbestos. The reason we're doing that is the federal government is very strict about rules governing our Head Start program. By removing the wall, we can make two classrooms."District 80 will also spend approximately $17,000 to relocate playground equipment from Franklin to Hall schools. The playground area will have new mulch and the parking lot will be leveled and rock will be hauled in at an estimated cost of $3,500.Other projects at Hall School include: carpet rooms after the wall re-installation ($2,020), paint walls in the upper hallway ($1,500), paint classrooms as needed ($2,000), replace southwest gym door ($5,940), relocate accordion divider from Casey to Hall library ($9,200), remove curved cabinets in workroom ($200) and replace ceiling tile in the corner of the workroom ($100).At Casey Middle School, the largest expense is to rework the old workroom in the nurse's office and install air conditioning. Total cost is estimated at $7,500."The nurse's room is going to change locations, which is currently in the teacher's work room," Green said. "It does not have air conditioning, and we thought the nurse's station should have air conditioning, so we're going to that, even though there is no central air in the other rooms at Casey. They all have window units." The district has received a $4,500 estimate for the A/C unit which will be placed on the roof.Also at Casey, an estimate of $4,000 has been provided for replacing bathroom stalls in the art building."The bathroom stalls have rusted and you can't paint or sand. They just need to be replaced," Green said. Other projects at Casey include: painting rooms ($1,200), paint all stair handrails and risers ($450), order fabricated stainless steel for threshholds at gym ($700) and rework the old fitness center to be tech room ($2,500).Most of the work at the Primary Center will be done by District staff. However, the largest project will be awarded to a contractor — replacing carpet in several rooms with tile."We have four rooms where the carpeting is old and it's starting to buckle. It's old carpet, and becoming a safety hazard. Because it's old carpet and our concern for safety, we're going to replace the carpet with tile," explained Green. The estimated expense for this project is $4,500.Five projects with an estimated cost of $2,500 have been listed for J.L. Buford School, including replacing ceiling tiles, painting and resurfacing the library counter, paint the gym on the bottom section, haul rock for the parking lot and paint the rest of the exterior to match (dark color).Following an executive session, the Board approved the following:Certified personnel hired for summer duty include:Gena McKinzie as homebound instructor for sixth grade student, five hours per week at $20 per hour, and assistant softball coach at Casey Middle School for the 2013-2014 season; Susan Staples, summer school director at J.L. Buford Intermediate Center, five hours per day at $50 per hour; and the following teachers at J.L. Buford at a rate of $20 per hour: Ruthie Hudson, pre-K; Denae Jones, kindergarten; Rhonda Miller, first grade; Michelle Blok, second grade; Terrea Kirsch, third grade; Mike Allen, fourth grade; Keisha Nelson, fifth grade; and Marty Mellott, sixth-seventh grade.Classified personnel hired for summer duty at J.L. Buford include:Debbie Lansdowne, secretary; Bessie Kohler, cook helper; Sarah Wininger, cook; Kathy Harvey, pre-K aide; Paula Street, kindergarten aide; Sherry Keip, first grade aide; Gloriastine Johnson, second grade aide; and Alis Jones, third grade aide.The District accepted four resignations, including Mike Allen as sixth grade and JV basketball coach, Rebecca Wurglitz as assistant Student Council sponsor, and Andrea McMillian as assistant dance coach. The following job openings were approved to be posted: individual aide at Casey Middle School to be hired by Franklin/Jefferson Special Education; summer school fine arts teacher at J.L. Buford; assistant dance coach at Casey Middle School for the 2013-2014 season; assistant Student Council sponsor at Casey Middle School for the 2013-2014 season; and Scholar Bowl sponsor at Casey Middle School for the 2013-2014 season.

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