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June 11, 2014

RLC approves projects plan

INA — Rend Lake College has approved an updated capital projects plan which lists as a top priority the planned construction of a new Allied Health building.

The roughly $6.3 million project would create a “state-of-the-art” facility with space for classrooms, nursing labs, computer labs and more

RLC President Terry Wilkerson said the state would fund 75 percent of the project, with the remaining cost coming from a local match.

No firm time frame has been announced for the project. The start date will depend on when the state allocates funding for the new building. The state has its own list of priority capital projects, Wilkerson said.

“Last report from the state we got, it was number 10 on the state’s list,” Wilkerson said of the Allied Health initiative. “The state ranks all these projects and over time they migrate up (the list) as things get funded.”

RLC’s capital projects plan is officially known as the Resource Allocation and Management Plan. The RLC Board of Trustees approved the fiscal year 2016 RAMP document at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Three priority projects are named in the plan. After the Allied Health building, the second priority is a roughly $10.1 million Student Center addition. The third priority is a $3.3 million Applied Sciences Center addition.

Wilkerson said the RAMP plan serves as an important planning tool for RLC. The document is submitted annually to the Illinois Community College Board.

“We try to put a lot of energy into what we think are the three big things that we want to do, and big improvements we want to make on campus,” Wilkerson said.

College officials are hopeful the Allied Health project will receive state funding some time in the near future, Wilkerson said.

Also on Tuesday, the RLC Board approved creating the position of a Math Lab Coordinator.

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