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June 12, 2014

Security system proposed at airport

MT. VERNON — wThe Mt. Vernon Airport Authority discussed the need for a security surveillance system during its monthly meeting Tuesday.

Chris Collins, airport manager, addressed the Authority on installing security cameras in several locations at the airport.

“One of the reasons I have waited so long to bring this to your attention is trying to do the research to figure out what exactly we needed and what kind of equipment,” Collins said.

Collins added officials hit a snag while trying to beam the signals from the fuel farm back to the main

building and to the flat line and back.

“One way of doing it is to have three separate systems,” Collins said.

The airport manager feels the surveillance system is a “long needed asset” for the airport.

“In this terminal with the addition to the military museum, and the weaponry we have as well as the motorcycle that is here we really need cameras,” Collins insisted.

Several locations were suggested by Collins on where he feels the cameras are most needed. The locations include two cameras to guard the museum, one at the front door facing the parking lot, one at the flat line side, one pointing toward the fuel trucks and another looking out onto the runway.

“This system could be expandable, this is just getting our prime locations covered,” Collins said.

Collins suggested the recording equipment should be installed in the mechanical room.

Mike Ancona, the chairman of the airport board, recommended the equipment be stationed in an office where more people frequent.

Commissioner Eddie Lee agreed with Ancona on the placement of the equipment.

“I think it is a good idea to have it accessible,” Lee said.

The board gave Collins authority to follow up on two bids and do further research of Security Alarms, based in Salem, and Electronic Architects, based in Mt.Vernon.

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