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June 20, 2014

MVTHS looks at new school schedule

MT. VERNON — Consultants say the ongoing redesign of the new Mt. Vernon Township High School is on schedule and set to be completed by July 7.

On that date, FGM Architects will submit the new construction documents to the McCarthy firm for a final review. Then, in mid-July, rebidding will commence and the documents will be available for viewing by potential bidders, said Brian Baldwin, project manager for McCarthy.

Bids would then be received and opened during a public ceremony about four weeks later in mid-August.

The key going forward, Baldwin said, is to make sure the construction documents are as clear as possible to encourage a “competitive” bidding environment.

“(We want) bidder participation, the interest in a competitive environment,” Baldwin said. “We just want it to be very clear and concise for the bidders to be able to put a good number on it.”

Baldwin and other consultants gave an update on the status of the new school at a special meeting Wednesday of the MVTHS Board of Education. The session was held just prior to the regular monthly board meeting that same evening.

In December, initial construction bids for the project’s 25 work categories came in at more than $6 million over-budget, which prompted the need for a redesign and rebidding.

For the rebidding, a total of 22 work categories will be bid out. Bids were awarded for the other three categories — earthwork, asphalt and ceramic tile — earlier this year. Those categories did not require major scope changes during the redesign.

Once the new set of bids are opened in mid-August, McCarthy officials will work quickly to evaluate the contractors, determine the low bidders and make recommendations to the MVTHS Board about which firms to select, Baldwin said.

The first priority for bid recommendations will be for the “critical” large-scale projects that need to begin right away, Baldwin said. This includes the plumbing, steel, concrete and mason work, he said.

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