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July 2, 2014

JFPD makes alarms available

MT. VERNON — A new program offered by Jefferson Fire Protection District will allow residents to receive a smoke detector for their home.

“We’re working with the State Fire Marshal’s Office to get the smoke alarms,” Chief Robert Beal explained. “We get six detectors at a time, and we will take requests for them and install them for people.”

After six detectors are installed, the district will receive six more from the Fire Marshal’s Office.

“We will take names and addresses and get to them as soon as possible,” Beal said. “This is for anyone without a smoke alarm in their house. We go on a lot of calls where we notice people don’t have them up. When you ask them why they didn’t have a smoke alarm, we usually get two answers — either they can’t afford one or they don’t have anyone to put it up. If one of these saves a life, it’s worth the time and effort we take to make sure they are in the home and installed.”

Beal also explained that those who are renting homes and may not have a smoke detector should contact their landlord.

“Landlords are required by law to supply a smoke detector,” Beal said. “But, if you can’t get one, we will try to help.”

Beal said he is also working on getting batteries for future use in the alarms, as batteries should be changed twice a year.

“When you move your clocks, change batteries,” Beal said. “We’re working to get batteries so we can go back and help the people with the smoke alarms by replacing batteries.”

One smoke alarm will be allowed per household, which will be placed mainly around the sleeping areas of a house. Beal said depending on the size of a home, more than one alarm should be present, and firefighters will be able to give advice to homeowners about placement.

Those interested in participating in the program may contact the Jefferson Fire Protection District at 244-3824 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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