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July 10, 2014

Karen's Kountry Korner

Hello everybody!

Hasn’t the weather been unusual for this time of year? The rains have made everything a little later than normal. Gardening and farming are both feeling the effects of too much water.

One of the best days I have had lately was a day spent out in the garden with only lunch for the guys and moving them from field to field as time out. I couldn’t imagine not planting and hoeing the garden. There is a lot of truth to the saying that you are closest to God in a garden. While out there all the troubles of the world are left far behind. It is just you and nature. With all the rain, weeds are getting to be a problem. There were times if I had of put the Troy Bilt in the garden it would have sunk to the frame.

The only thing that I have had out of the garden is banana peppers and green onions. Flower gardening is fun, but nothing compares to vegetable gardening. I love eating garden produce that has been harvested just a few minutes before eating. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. No grocery store tomato can compete with a fresh tomato just picked from the garden.

It will be some time before that happens, as I don’t have any that are even blooming yet. But a girl can dream!

With all the rain, the weeds had gotten out of control around the yard. I cannot start a weed trimmer — the yank takes more upper arm strength than I have and you have to yank on it hard and fast. We had another one just sitting in the shed that my husband bought last year that I couldn’t start.

Someone told me there was a weed trimmer that had an easy start on it. The other day I decided to check this easy start out. I informed my husband that I was going to buy a weed trimmer that I could start. I wouldn’t buy it unless they would let me try to start it myself before I bought it. He just said that it would be too expensive and that they wouldn’t let me try it out.

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