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July 11, 2014

Arrests climb in June

MT. VERNON — While the number of citations decreased, the number of arrests climbed at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department in June.

Sheriff Roger Mulch released his monthly report on July 5 for the month ending in June.

According to the report, the department issued 74 citations and arrested 69 individuals. There were 83 citations issued in May and 61 arrests. The department also had the highest number of traffic crashes, 46, since the fiscal year began on Dec. 1.

The department has now issued a total of 458 citations for the year, resulting in 366 arrests. The department has investigated 263 traffic accidents.

For the month of June, the department booked 196 detainees — also the highest number since the start of the fiscal year. For the year, the Justice Center has booked 1,187 detainees.

Specifically, the county had a jail population of 74 on July 3. Of that number, 68 were Jefferson County prisoners and six were out of county detainees being held for the U.S. Marshal’s office.

According to the sheriff’s report, local law enforcement officials accounted for 183 bookings in June — 111 from the Mt. Vernon Police Department, 69 from the sheriff’s office, two by Illinois State Police and one from the Ina Police Department. Those bookings accounted for 2,297 days in custody for those detained.

The county has collected $166,686 this budget year in all fees and services for housing prisoners and has received $144,392 in local monies through June 30, the report stated.

The county has billed $34,124 since the fiscal year began and had received payments of $26,977 through July 5.

The medical report shows 13 detainees were seen by Dr. Szyfer of Advanced Correctional Healthcare in June, resulting in four visits. Medical care has been provided to 82 detainees as a result of 30 visits this fiscal year.

Three part time corrections employees worked 45 hours during the month, resulting in an expense of $543, two part time dispatch employees worked 103 hours for an expenditure of $1,242 and one part time maintenance employee worked 24 hours for an expenditure of $288, the report stated.

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