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July 11, 2014

Reader can get life organized

DEAR HARRIETTE: No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get my house in order. I think I was born with a messy gene. I work on a room for hours, and it seems like hardly anything gets done. I swear that I’m trying to get organized.

I just seem to move things from one place to another, rather than discarding or properly storing. I really don’t want to be messy.

I’m embarrassed to ask for help because I think I will be judged. What can I do? — Too Messy for Me, Philadelphia

DEAR TOO MESSY FOR ME: The good news is that you can get help from people who do not know you and who will not judge you.

There are professionals who are experts at organizing and eliminating clutter. You can find companies online.

Call a few to determine who offers what you want in your price range.

Between a professional organizer and a professional housekeeper, you can get your place in order.

You may need to invest a little in order to do so, but it can be worth it.

The housekeeper can get everything clean for you.

The organizer can set up systems for you to use in your daily life so that you do not revert back to your old ways of storing your things.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m a freelance writer. I managed pretty well for about 10 years because I had several consistent clients who hired me to write for their publications. In the past year or so, it has been hard for me to get work.

Or if the work is online, my pay is much lower than it was for print.

Whenever I have pressed my online editors to pay me more, since I am not new to this business, I lose a client. I’m not sure how to negotiate anymore. I am really having a hard time.

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