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July 12, 2014

Beck, Cusumano named to coalition

CARBONDALE — Two Mt. Vernon businessmen have been named to a small business coalition organized by Congressional candidate Mike Bost of Murphysboro.

Bill Beck and Rex Cusamano were appointed to the 25-member coalition. The coalition is made up of entrepreneurs and economic development leaders from a broad spectrum of vocations across the 12th district, a Bost news release stated.

“Job creation and retention is the main concern on the minds of southern Illinois and Metro East families. As I campaign across the 12th, the voter’s patience is waning and they demand a Congressman who will fight for Illinois,” Bost stated. “We must ask ourselves, where is this magical Obama Recovery that was promised, but has left Illinois behind.”

He added, “The struggles of the Illinois employer have long been documented because for too long we have not been competitive with our border states and when combined with the massive healthcare costs of Obamacare our employers will continue to struggle.”

In Illinois, small businesses account for 98 percent of all employers and employ nearly half of the state’s private work force, information states.

“I believe that our small-business coalition is among some of the best and brightest minds in the region. These individuals will help us create a smarter business policy to move Illinois forward,” Bost stated. “These business people obviously have what it take to stay in business because they have been able to keep their businesses going in these tough economic times.”

Other members named to the Bost Small Business Coalition include: Jeff Diederich, Nancy Fricke, George Sheffer, George Obernagel, Steve Carter, Kevin Hicks, TJ Martin, Debbie Pittman, Ralph Miller, Mike Cripps, John Forbes, Dr. Paul Jacobs, Steve McBride, Keith Klaine, John Corley, Steve Wilke, Mike Morgan, Vic Koenig, Stephanie Dykstra, Tom Nobbe, Matt Smallheer and Cindy Holt.

The small business coalition will be assisting the Bost Congressional campaign with policy formulation, the news release stated.

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