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July 16, 2014

City plan moving forward

MT. VERNON — The first meeting of the newly formed Comprehensive Plan committees is today, starting the process of updating the city’s plan for the future.

“The Comprehensive Plan is a good way to map the future and a way to have accountability,” said Mayor Mary Jane Chesley. “You can see real results, not just on a year-by-year basis, but a combined presentation of several years.”

The existing Comprehensive Plan was approved by the City Council in July 2009. Chesley has described the plan as a direction for the city and a “living” document which can be updated and revised on a regular basis. This is the first review and revision to the 2009 plan.

“We’re not starting from scratch this time,” Chesley said. “Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is moving so well?”

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Chairman Nick Osborne is back for the five year review.

“Nick will be leading the steering committee and he and I have had two meetings in preparation of how to format the plan review,” Chesley said. “He’s working on the template to gather information from each group and how we will compile the

information gathered.”

Committees for the 5-year review include city council members as ex-officio members and include the Steering Committee, comprised of Osborn, Chesley, City Manager Ron Neibert and City Projects Manager Nathan McKenna; Economic Development and Land Use Committee, comprised of chairman Jeri Hopkins, Councilman David Wood, Mary Ellen Bechtel, Marcia Scott, Rex Cusumano, Mary Burgan and Chris Collins; the Infrastructure Committee, comprised of Councilman Dennis McEnaney, Mary Jo Pemberton, Kevin Phillips, Melody Maurer, Cindy Bevis, Carey Lipps, Jeff Haarmann, Randy Tucker, Mike Tatlock and Craig Olksen; the Quality of Life I Committee, comprised of Councilman Ron Lash, Finny Mathew, Patrick Rice, Sandra Williams, Dee Ann Schnautz, Michael Warren and Wes Olsen; and Quality of Life II Committee comprised of Chairman Sharon Bradham, Councilman Todd Piper, Joe Gliosci, Nick Loafman, Trinda Heitmeier, Debbie Smith, Bernie Dickneite and Dennis Hoffman.

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