Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 17, 2012

Jail to beat last year’s housing funds

Staff Writer

MT. VERNON — Monies received by the county for housing detainees at the Jefferson County Justice Center will bypass those collected last year, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch.

“We broke $3 million,” Mulch reported to members of the Public Safety Committee. “That will top last year’s numbers.”

According to the monthly report on the Justice Center, the amount collected for the fiscal year — which runs from Dec. 1 through Nov. 30 — for housing prisoners through Oct. 31 was $3,088,691. One more month of receipts for the fiscal year will bring the final number higher, Mulch reported. Local dollars collected at the facility through Oct. 31 came in at $188,791; and the total fees and services collected so far this year was $3,277,482.

Out-of-county detainees booked from Dec. 1 through Oct. 31 is 3,321. Total detainees booked by the Justice Center for the year through Oct. 31 came in at 5,575.

The average detainee population for the facility in October was at 201 with 86 being county detainees and 115 out-of-county detainees. As of Thursday, the Justice Center had 130 inmates from Immigration and Customs Enforcement; five for U.S. Marshal Service, none from Cook County; and 78 for Jefferson County, for a total of 208 inmates.

The report stated amounts billed for housing and medical through the end of October came in at $3,275,781 — with $3,088,736 received. Accounts receivable for the Justice Center for housing and medical is at $499,433.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office collected fees totaling $327,052 in October. Civil process was at $5,799; copies of reports at $64; jail bond processing was at $1,287; jail booking at $2,933; jail medical at $662; sheriff sales at $1,800; jail phone commission at $372; housing inmates for the city at $3,196; housing ICE was at $307,081; housing circuit clerk was at $350; police vehicles circuit clerk was at $191; delivery of prisoners at $527; DUI equipment at $877; sheriff fees/circuit clerk was at $1,491; and FTA/warrant fees were $420.