Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 19, 2012

State is behind on income tax receipt payments


MT. VERNON — — The state is four months behind in its disbursements of income tax receipts, amounting to $452,019.

Payments of income tax receipts are due for August in the amount of $95,485; September in the amount of $94,713; October for $149,134; and November for $12,687. The local use tax receipts for November are also due, in the amount of $23,220.

Tax receipts for November came in higher than in the same month for the four previous years, despite no payment on the personal property replacement tax. November receipts for the 1/4 percent sales tax is at $105,504; the 1 percent sales tax is $42,433; the public safety tax is $92,893, income tax at $112,687; and local use tax at $23,220 for total monthly receipts at $376,739.

In November 2011, the receipts totaled $368,239; in 2010, the receipts were $345,423; in 2009, the November receipts were at $345,854; and in November 2008, the receipts were $447,632.

With the end of the county’s fiscal year on Nov. 30 totals for tax receipts show 2012 receipts to be the highest in the last three years at $5,044,907. In 2011, the receipts were at $4,554,474; and in 2010, the receipts were $4,410,851.

This year the receipts were less than those received in 2008 or 2009. Year end tax receipts in 2008 were $5,826,891 and in 2009, receipts came in at $5,186,158.