Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 26, 2012

Sponsors sought for first responders luncheon

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — — The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Council have planned a lunch to thank the men and women who protect the county and its citizens.

Brandon Bullard, executive director for the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, said the organizers are still looking for sponsors to help make the lunch possible.

“We are looking at the first or second week of December,” Bullard said.

He said organizers have been calling to the offices of first responders-the police, sheriff’s office, fire departments and ambulance services- to find out how many people will be working on the day the meals are delivered.

Bullard said the details are still being worked out as to whether volunteers will prepare the food or if it will be catered.

The food will be delivered to the various stations of the first responders once they know how many people will be there.

“We want to show our appreciation,” Bullard said. “It’s been a really great thing for the community.”

David Keen, one of the organizers for the lunch, said the lunch is just one way to honor and show appreciation for the work done by first responders.

“Its a way for the Small Business Association and Chamber of Commerce to honor our first responders,” Keen said. “They are putting themselves in harms way every day and protecting us.”

He said they are still working on contacting all the departments and offices of all first responders in the county.

He said he is not sure what the food costs will be since they have not collected the number of people receiving lunches.

Anyone who would like to help with the lunch can contact the Chamber of Commerce at 242-5725.