Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 7, 2012

Sunshine Center implements campaign

People can purchase a “senior lunch ticket” and help provide meals to seniors

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — — The Sunshine Center Senior Meals Program is looking for help to make sure seniors get at least one hot meal a day in the upcoming year.

“Earlier in 2012, the Sunshine Center served more meals in nine months than was projected for the entire fiscal year,” stated Jan Wood, program director at Sunshine Center, a division of Jefferson County Comprehensive Services. “This fiscal year, we are closely monitoring the number of meals being served to avoid a similar situation.”

The Sunshine Center has implemented the 2012 Senior Lunch Ticket campaign.

“Most of us think nothing of spending $5 to $15 for lunch at a drive through or at our favorite restaurant,” Wood stated. “...We are asking the community, businesses, co-workers, students, organizations and individuals to work with us in providing meals for our seniors by purchasing a ‘senior lunch ticket.’”

According to information from the Sunshine Center, nearly 21,000 meals will be provided by the end of this year to about 600 different seniors throughout the county through home delivered meals or at a senior dining site.

“Serving a nutritious meal is only part of the job,” information states. “Knowing they are safe and adding a little joy in their day is a bonus we all enjoy.”

“One in three local seniors live on less than $1,000 a month and are forced to make financial decisions between buying needed medication, paying the power bill or purchasing food,” Wood stated. “Some of these seniors depend on the Sunshine Center Senior Nutrition Program.”

Five meals may be purchased for a senior at $25; 10 meals at $50; 15 meals at $75; 20 meals at $100; 25 meals for $125; 50 meals for $250; 125 meals for $625; and 250 meals for $1,250.

Additional information about the Senior Nutrition Program and the Senior Lunch Ticket campaign is available by calling 242-7010 or 242-7273 and asking for Jan or Kim or by e-mail at