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February 11, 2013

34th Street intersection study complete

Bids and construction targeted to be underway in early 2014, says city manager

MT. VERNON - — An intersection study has been completed for the South 34th Street and Veterans Memorial Drive aligning project.

“A preliminary intersection design study has been completed,” City Manager Ron Neibert said. “We are looking at putting turn lanes in on South 34th Street on both the north and south sides of Veterans Memorial Drive.”

Neibert said the necessity for an intersection study means the alignment is behind the initial schedule for construction.

“We're targeting to have all designs, bids for construction and construction underway in early 2014,” Neibert said. “The design study took up a lot of time … but we want to do it right.”

The widening of South 34th Street is completed up to Water Tower Place, and crews have temporarily halted work until spring. Work on the project halted in October, and according to city official, the plans are to resume work sometime in March. Under terms of the construction contract, the widening portion of the project must be completed before July.

The project calls for widening South 34th Street, adding curb and gutter and a sidewalk. The alignment will bring the eastern “jog” in the roadway as it crosses Veterans Memorial Drive into a 90 degree intersection, Neibert said.

“We are working with property owners to the south of Veterans Memorial Drive to acquire the right-of-way to align the intersection,” Neibert said. “Obviously, there will be a gentle' curve at some point on the street to the south of Veterans as it continues on to Harlan Road, but the intersection will be 90 degrees.”


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