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February 13, 2013

City set to demolish 13 properties

All of the properties have been declared dangerous and dilapidated

MT. VERNON — — The city is in the process of demolishing 13 properties which have been declared dangerous and dilapidated.

“We budget a dollar amount each year and try to get as many properties demolished as possible with the funds budgeted,” City Manager Ron Neibert said. “In the current fiscal year, we have $170,000 budgeted.”

Properties which were approved for demolition in this round are 811 S. 22nd St., 1020 S. 20th St., 221 Castleton St., 2107 Cherry St., 2109 Cherry St., 1115 Gilbert St., 1603 College St., 509 Bell St., 403 N. Seventh St., 306 N. Seventh St., 1105 S. 13th St., 1109 S. 13th St, and 317 Castleton St.

The company which won the bid for the demolition of the properties is Freeman Environmental Services of Herrin, with a bid of $115,206. Neibert said not as many companies are bidding on the demolition projects as in the past due to Environmental Protection Agency regulations on asbestos.

“The EPA regulations call for asbestos studies and asbestos abatement on any property we tear down,” Neibert explained. “We can only use companies who are licensed for asbestos abatement.”

There are about 16 properties which are on the list for the next round of demolition, Neibert said.

“They are either properties which we own or which we have received orders for demolition by the court,” Neibert said. “When a property has been determined to be dangerous and dilapidated, the court can give us the order for demolition, at which time we would place a lien on the property and at some point we could foreclose on the lien and receive the property. The properties which we are doing demolition projects or which we will be doing demolition on is not necessarily owned by the city.”

Properties slated for the next round of demolition are 710 Perkins Ave., 2206 Lamar Ave., 613 Herbert St., 521 S. 15th St., 1706 Dewey Ave., 1219 Wescott St., 724 S. 23rd ST., 1201 Veterans Memorial Dr., 112 N. 12th St., 2000 Casey Ave., 314 S. Fifth St., 116 N. 13th St., 408 S. 15th St., 811 N. 11th St., and 725 S. 20th St.

There are about 28 properties which are in various stages of the legal process to be demolished.

“These are properties which have been condemned, but are in the process to obtain court permission to demolish,” Neibert explained.

Those properties are 410 N. 16th ST., 1115 Herbert St., 1206 S. 12th St., 1311 Casey Ave., 423 S. 15th St., 2211 Casey Ave., 1124 S. 10th St., 1008 S. 22nd St., 605 S. 42nd St., 501 S. 20th St., 1015 Shawnee St., 1122 S. 13th St., 2217 Cherry St., 716 White, 1917 S. Eighth St., 1024 S. Sixth St., 804 S. 23rd St., 608 Park Ave., 615 S. 19th St., 1117 Wescott St., 1112 Wescott St., 318 S. 10th St., 715 S. 18th St., 320 N. 12th St., 322 N. 12th St., 324 N. 12th St., 300 N. 16th St., and 609 S. 23rd St.


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