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April 18, 2013

City to use capital funds on street program

MT. VERNON — The proposed city budget will be including about $42,000 more than last year in upgrades and maintenance to city streets.

"Last year we spent $163,000 last year and we'll be spending $205,000 this year," said City Manager Ron Neibert, adding the funds for the street work will come from the capital fund instead of the motor fuel tax funds.

"There are a number of items which are eligible for payment under motor fuel tax funds," Neibert explained. "Road repairs are one of them, road upgrades another. ... With the implementation of our capital funds, and given the circumstances in this fiscal year, we have chosen to utilize our motor fuel tax funds for electricity for the street lights to Ameren and Tri-County, which is a payment eligivle under motor fuel tax funds, which we have been doing for the last three years."

The remaining balance expected to be received in MFT funds, will go to offset personnel costs and benefits.

According to budget worksheets, the MFT working fund balance starts at $71,993 for fiscal year 2013-14, which will begin on May 1. Revenue collected from the state for the fund is expected to be $434,921. MFT funds are received based on taxes collected on fuel taxes by the state, then disbursed to municipalities and local governments on a per capita basis, Neibert said.

Expenditures for the fiscal year are being projected at $434,921, which will leave an ending working fund balance of $20,889.

"Just becauswe we're not paying for the street program out of motor fuel taxes this year does not mean we are not doing road projects this year," Neibert said.

A list of projects — not including overlays — include South 26th Street from Perkins Avenue to Forest Avenue; Newby Street from 10th to 12th Street; Oakland Avenue from 17th Street to 12th Street; Casey Avenue from 19th Street to 22nd Street; aprons on Illinois Route 37 South as part of the widening and resurfacing project; and the entrance to Kingsridge.

"There are other projects (the council has) already approved that will also be done," Neibert said. "These are projects that traditionally would have fallen under Motor Fuel Taxes, but we will be doing under the Capital Fund programs this year."

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