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April 26, 2014


BLUFORD — Scott Porter has resigned as superintendent of the Webber Township High School and Bluford Grade School districts to pursue business opportunities in Tennessee.

His official last day was April 11. Porter served as superintendent of Bluford Grade School for 10 years. Then, three years ago, he was also named superintendent of Webber Township High School.

Prior to that, Webber Township had its own superintendent.

Looking back, Porter said it was working with students that made his job worthwhile.

“I think the greatest thing has been the interaction with students, seeing the students learn and grow over time,” Porter said.

There have been times when students have returned to the district as adults and have told Porter how he made a difference in their lives.

“That makes you feel good,” Porter said.

Porter now lives in Tennessee. He has become a partner in a Jeep business and plans to enter into a retail business as well.

Prior to serving the Bluford schools, Porter was superintendent at Farrington Grade School for a year.

From 1995 to 2003, Porter worked at Salem Elementary School, first as a special education teacher then as an assistant administrator. Before that, he was a special education teacher for the Effingham School District.

Porter said he is proud of his years of service to Webber Township High School and Bluford Grade School.

Webber Township met Adequate Yearly Progress standards in two subject areas last year and Bluford Grade School made AYP in all areas last year, he said.

“I feel we’ve accomplished a lot in the last 10 years,” Porter said. “Our test scores have continuously improved.”

Don Sneed, chairman of the Bluford Grade School Board of Education, said there were no “issues” between Porter and the school boards that led to his resignation.

Sneed did say, however, that state funding cuts for education may have played a part in Porter’s decision to leave.

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