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May 2, 2014

Cracks in pool 'minor'

MT. VERNON — Reported cracks in the new Aquatic Zoo are due to settling and the facility is on track to be open May 24.

“There was minor settlement in the Lazy River area over the winter,” said City Manager Ron Neibert. “The cracks have already been sealed and the area is being repainted. There are no structural problems with the facility.”

The cracks were due to the type of concrete and forms necessary to produce the Lazy River feature, and are considered common, Neibert reported.

“It’s very common with the type of concrete construction used just for the Lazy River portion of the facility,” Neibert said. “Structural engineers have inspected it, and there are no problems.”

The painting of the Lazy River feature is expected to be completed today, and will have to cure for one week. After the curing, the city will begin to fill the water park in preparation for opening day on May 24.

“The city will take possession from the contractor on opening day,” Neibert explained. “We’re still working on the punch list items, and haven’t accepted the pool as part of the final closeout of the project. Once we accept it, the warranty starts and that’s on May 24.”

Neibert said some of the punch list items include re-hanging items, and restarting the pumping systems, which were winterized and appear to be ready to start the first season of the facility.

“The cracks were filled and the painting done at no additional cost to the city,” Neibert added. “That’s all part of the construction and included in the original contract.”

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