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May 3, 2014

Schmidt Chevrolet adds Cadillac to local line-up

MT. VERNON — Schmidt Chevrolet will now offer Cadillacs at its Mt. Vernon dealership, which will give customers “more options” to choose from in terms of available vehicles, said co-owners Jeff and Roy Schmidt.

Recently, Monken Automotive purchased Schmidt Chevrolet Cadillac in Centralia. The purchase included the building and the Chevy franchise.

However, Schmidt is retaining its Cadillac franchise from Centralia and moving it to Mt. Vernon.

The newly expanded Mt. Vernon dealership will now be known as Schmidt Chevrolet Cadillac of Mt. Vernon. There will no longer be a Schmidt dealership in Centralia.

“We sold the Chevrolet franchise and building to Monken and we’ve retained Cadillac and are moving it to Mt. Vernon, to our facility here,” said Jeff Schmidt. “So we have a more full line-up of cars and trucks to choose from.”

At this point, 22 new Cadillacs from the Centralia Schmidt site will be brought to the Mt. Vernon store. Also, the overall used inventory at the Mt. Vernon site will be increased and a number of 2015 Cadillacs will be ordered in the next month or so.

The Mt. Vernon dealership will retain its current line-up, with Cadillac as an addition.

“It just gives us the luxury car line of General Motors,” said Roy Schmidt of the Cadillac addition. “It’ll be a nice compliment to the Chevy franchise.”

Jeff Schmidt said having the company focus its sales at one dealership instead of two is a major benefit.

“I think we can concentrate on making this dealership the best that it can be and I think we can be more customer-focused at one location,” Jeff said.

A major renovation was just completed on the Mt. Vernon site to make the store compliant with the new General Motors image, Jeff said.

Roy added Schmidt Chevrolet will continue to serve customers in the Centralia area even though the company won’t have a dealership there.

Schmidt Chevrolet Cadillac has a large area of sales responsibility, he said.

“We have a big responsibility of market for Cadillac,” Roy said. “It encompasses a good part of Southern Illinois.”

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