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May 13, 2014

MVTHS debates printing costs for school

MT. VERNON — Mt. Vernon Township High School officials Monday debated ways to cut costs on the printing of construction documents for potential bidders on the new school project.

No such measures were approved, however, after project consultants urged the district not to take any action that could decrease the total number of bidders.

“If we’re going out there to (potential bidders) and asking them for the best number, we’re just afraid if they start seeing language like that they could say, ‘what’s going on here, you know, do they want us to bid it or not?’” said Brian Baldwin, project manager with the McCarthy firm. “We want as many bidders as possible.”

Printing costs and several other issues related to the new school were discussed at a special meeting Monday night of the MVTHS Board of Education.

Late in the meeting, board member Ben Mitchell brought up the fact that an estimated $200,000 had been set aside in the project budget for printing and CD costs.

In December, initial construction bids for the new school came it at more than $6 million over-budget. This prompted a redesign of the project, after which there will be a rebidding. The redesign is slated to be completed by July 7.

Prior to bidding, digital and hard copies of all construction documents are made available to firms looking to possibly bid on the project. This leads to considerable printing costs.

The firms typically make a $750 deposit to obtain copies of the drawings and specifications. If the firms end up returning all the documents, they get their deposit back.

Of the $200,000 budgeted for printing, an estimated $90,000 was spent last year providing construction documents for the initial bidding.

At Monday’s meeting, Mitchell and board member Bill Beck asked consultants if there was any way to cut down on printing costs for the upcoming rebid.

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