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May 16, 2014

White: County over budget

MT. VERNON — Five months into the new fiscal year, some $400,000 has been overspent in some line items in the county’s 2013-2014 budget.

Jefferson County Board Chairman Robert White brought the overspending issue to the attention of the county’s Fiscal Committee on Thursday evening. Additionally, in comparing last year’s budget to this year’s budget, White said the county is $562,528 overspent.

“If the current trend continues, we will be overspent by $900,000. Where is the accountability in spending? I want to know. Who is going to explain that to me as a board member? I’m not looking for the boogeyman, I’m not looking for a punching bag. I’m just looking for an answer,” White said.

White said the county is currently at 43.88 percent in spending and the county should be at 41.67 percent. Revenue projections show the county at 41.67 percent and it should be at 38.45 percent.

Administrative Assistant Suzy Tate says the largest expense this fiscal year is overtime in the sheriff’s department. The sheriff’s department, according to White’s figures, is about $118,000 over budget this year.

“We’re overspending in certain areas where it has got to stop,” White said. “What’s the final number?

We’re not borrowing anymore money from Public Safety. No more money from motor fuel tax, no more money from anywhere. Does everybody understand that?”

Treasurer Dan Knox noted that some of the front loaded expenses that come early on in this fiscal year may give cause the budget to look lopsided in the early months of the fiscal year.

“Keep in mind there are some front loaded expenses in the budget and it’s just the way they fall in the calendar year,” Knox said.

Sheriff Roger Mulch said he’s been called out “pretty hard” on the sheriff’s department budget, adding, “By our figures, we’re slated to be right on target by the end of the year.”

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