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May 24, 2014

County processes 183 detainees in April

MT. VERNON — Just under 60 prisoners were being held in the Jefferson County Justice Center in mid-May, according to the monthly report submitted by Sheriff Roger Mulch.

For the month of April, the county processed 183 prisoners, according to Mulch.

“Not all will remain in custody, however it takes time and manpower to book them in. Some post bond, are released on their own recognizance, or may be picked up by other entities that have charges on them. The remaining detainees are incarcerated,” Mulch noted in his report.

Of the 59 detainees held in custody as of May 14, 53 of them were from Jefferson County and six were from the U.S. Marshal's Office, according to Mulch. Just two prisoners were booked from outside Jefferson County during April.

The average daily population in the Justice Center during April was 74, including an average of 72 Jefferson County prisoners.

According to information provided, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office booked 45 prisoners from April 1 to May 1, resulting in 821 days in custody. The Mt. Vernon Police Department booked 128 prisoners during the same time period, resulting in 1,326 days in custody.

Ina Police Department had no bookings, but had prisoner(s) in custody for 30 days and the Illinois State Police had nine bookings, resulting in 38 days in custody.

The county has collected $105,278 this budget year for housing local prisoners and $121,000 total for all fees and services collected this budget year, according to the sheriff. The county has billed $18,503 for housing prisoners since the fiscal year began on Dec. 1.

The medical report shows 14 detainees were seen during the month, or an accrued total of 21 visits that provided medical care to 59 detainees.

The sheriff's department issued 97 citations during the moth, resulting in 42 arrests. The department investigated 29 traffic accidents. For the year, deputies have issued 300 citations resulting in 236 arrests.

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