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May 30, 2014

Home tax liens to be filed

MT. VERNON — Mobile home tax liens — for taxes not paid for the 2013 tax year — will be filed with the county clerk’s office on June 9.

County Treasurer Dan Knox said approximately 475 mobile home properties with a tax value of approximately $44,000 are considered delinquent. Mobile home taxes were due on Feb. 14. A late fee of $100 has also been assessed on those properties.

“This is actually called a privilege tax. It’s different than real estate tax in that when the law was created the idea behind it was that if you own a mobile or modular home, the legislature said you didn’t have to pay real estate tax on it, but you have to pay the privilege tax,” explained Knox. “The idea behind the word privilege is that you have the privilege to use roadways, the fire department, the police department or whatever it is and since you have that privilege that’s the idea of the privilege tax. On real estate taxes you pay a 1 1/2 percent when you are delinquent; on the privilege tax you pay $25 on the day you’re late and for every 30 days you’re late you pay an additional $25 up to and capped off at $100.”

Mobile home privilege tax bills were distributed to property owners in December.

Knox said the liens, which will be filed with the county clerk’s office, are valid for a 10-year period.

“How it helps us collect is that if someone goes to get a loan or sells the property that lien will show up against them,” Knox said, adding there have been between 400 and 500 tax liens filed annually in Jefferson County over the past three years.

“The real estate tax sale is always between 700 and 800. I think it’s interesting, almost eerie that it’s that close that those numbers consistently stay the same,” Knox said.

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