Mt. Vernon Register-News

June 3, 2014

Entry sign added to city

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — A third city entryway sign will be added to the first phase of the new signage project.

The wayfinding system, which is being implemented in phases, was to include two so-called “entryway” signs into the community, replacing the existing signs for a uniform look. The third existing sign, located where Broadway and Main Streets split near the Galaxy sculpture, was going to be taken down and not replaced until the second phase of the project was underway.

“The contractor is going to come in and take down the existing signs, and put up the new ones,” City Manager Ron Neibert explained. “This was a sign that wasn’t going to be replaced right away.”

According to City Projects Manager Nathan McKenna, the review of shop drawings for the wayfinding signs is underway and samples of the colors and material are to be submitted for approval soon. A site walk-through will be completed next week to ensure the signs are placed in the correct spots as approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The addition of the additional entry sign to the city will cost about $9,100, which will be taken from unallocated monies in the quality of life fund.

In other business, the council:

n Approved a bid of $10,722 from Armbruster Manufacturing Co. for three 20 by 20 event tents for the Tourism Department;

n Approved a bid of $19,519.40 from T. Ham Sign Co., for a new sign with logo and led color message display at the Municipal Building West on Potomac Boulevard;

n Approved a bid of $140,683 for six police department squad cars from Thomas Dodge for Dodge Chargers;

n Heard the capital projects report from McKenna and City Engineer Brad Ruble;

n Held a first reading on an ordinance to adopt the prevailing wage rate;

n Approved the appointment of Larry Sidwell to the Tourism Board to replace Kaycee Cooper; and

n Approved the re-appointment of Paul Lynch and Craig Hedin to the Tax Increment Finance Board.