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December 17, 2007

Restored Granada Theater reopens its doors to the community

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MT. VERNON — Residents in the community were taken back in time this weekend with the 70th anniversary of the Granada Theater.

The celebration began with the lighting of the marquee, which has been dark for many years. Inside the theater this weekend, community members gathered to share memories, hear live musical and theatrical performances, and watch the first movie shown in the theater.

Bob and Polly Dulaney reminisced about the theater, which they attended in the days of their youth prior to World War II.

“When I was in second and third grade, they used to have double feature cartoons and a news reel,” Polly Dulaney remembered. “You could come in at 2 o’clock and it was 10 cents for grade school age. You could stay until 6 o’clock or whenever your Mom or Pop came after you.”

Dulaney said the movies ran continuously, without an intermission. She remembered buying a candy bar for between 10 and 25 cents. One of her most vivid memories was of the usherettes.

“They were girls who came and showed you to your seat and carried a flashlight,” Dulaney said. “They wore maroon and gold velveteen dresses. All their uniforms were made by Edna Garrison, who was head of the usherettes. That was one of the first jobs a teenage girl could get, or they could work in the concession stand. They wore uniforms too, but they had a little hat that had advertising on it.”

For Bob Dulaney, he remembers coming to the movies with his school friends and occasionally getting in trouble.

“We used to get kicked out during the cartoon sometimes, but especially during the news reel,” he said. “We were too loud and it was too boring.”

Polly Dulaney said one of her most vivid memories happened on a Sunday afternoon in 1941.

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