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May 2, 2008

Midwest, city deal with mess left by CWI

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MT. VERNON — City Hall has been inundated by complaints about trash service — even before the new trash service began.

“Midwest Waste only started on Thursday,” City Manager Ron Neibert said. “If you have had problems prior to Thursday, that was CWI, not Midwest.”

Neibert said the problems with trash pickup and complaints began shortly after the city opted to accept the low bid from Midwest Waste for the service on March 17, at a rate of $604,632 for three years. CWI had been the previous provider, who took over from Midwest Waste three years ago.

“The city is very disappointed in CWI’s service and actions in the waning days of their contract,” Neibert said. “We want to thank Midwest Waste for going above and beyond to accommodate situations left behind by CWI.”

Some of those accommodations include Midwest Waste going to neighborhoods on Friday and going out again today picking up yard waste that was to be picked up by CWI last week. In addition, Neibert said Midwest will be out picking up large bulk items that were part of the spring cleanup which were also left behind by CWI.

Reports of CWI employees dumping trash in yards and taking the can provided by CWI have also reached the police department and City Hall. Midwest Waste has reported to City Hall that when they put out trash cans, people are coming along behind them and taking some of them.

“Yes, it’s stealing,” Neibert said. CWI has provided more than one can to households in the past, and the city has paid for the extra can, but now residents will be paying for any extra cans at a rate of about $2.50 per month.

“I’d like to see people be patient with us,” Mt. Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley said. “It’s a time of transfer of service, and there are always some problems when you transfer service. We’d like to see people try to be patient for the next two weeks until things get going with the new service.”

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