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July 9, 2013

MVTHS Board examines new school design

MT. VERNON – School board members Monday took a virtual tour of the new proposed Mt. Vernon Township High School building.

Using detailed computer images, the board examined the exterior and interior of the new $72.8 million campus. The presentation took place at a meeting of the MVTHS Board of Education's Building Committee.After the meeting, board members also looked at actual brick and material samples outside to see how they appeared in the sun.“It's very exciting to see more renderings and the actual boards for the sample materials,” said Karen Goodwine, MVTHS Board vice president. “It just gives you a better idea of how it's going to be, where you can actually picture it better.”As bidding time draws near, it becomes all the more important for board members to be comfortable with the design and to start making firm choices about color and materials, said August Battaglia, principal and design director for FGM Architects.“Really, they've been seeing a lot of the renderings all along,” Battaglia said. “Now, we're actually picking and choosing actual materials, to kind of put those concepts together.”One part of the new campus that prompted discussion Monday was the plaza area between the museum and the library. The hope is that this site can be used for memorial bricks that individuals or groups would pay to have their names on.“It seems to me that would be a tremendous way to raise these additional dollars we're looking for,” said audience member Mike Beard.Beard also raised questions about the cost of the first-floor roof area, which is designed so that students and faculty can walk on it.The new school project is currently in the construction documents phase. Bidding is set to take place in late October, and excavation of the site should begin in January.

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