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July 12, 2013

Treasurer: Cash flow is manageable

MT. VERNON — Indicating the county's cash flow is now "manageable," Treasurer Dan Knox told Fiscal Committee members Thursday night his office is keeping pace in getting bills paid in a timely manner.

The county's General Corporate working cash balance is $384,290, with monthly claims of $71,672 to be approved at the full board meeting on Monday.

"We're in a good spot. I feel like the cash flow is manageable now, and as a result, you won't be seeing a cash flow report tonight," Knox said. "Every month now we're moving toward a level playing field."

Chairman Robert White indicated the county is 5 percent above budget on revenue and expenses, and while the county is over budget, it is balanced at 63.5 percent for both revenue and expenses. White said the county should be at 58 percent with four months remaining in the fiscal year.

"We're just about only one month behind on the state income tax, and that's very good," Knox said, reporting the county recently received the May payment of $306,044. The county is also current on its one-quarter percent sales tax, 1 percent sales tax, and public safety tax. The county received a July payment of $57,187 for July in the personal property replacement tax, but no payment has been received for June.

Knox reported the Public Safety Tax currently has a $1.7 million balance, with approximately $360,000 to be received through the fiscal year, and indicated the county would not have to make any more bond payments this fiscal year, other than some minor escrow and administrative fees.

"We're above water. We may be doing a little head-bobbing, but we're not drowning," Knox concluded.

A motion was not made to reinstate pay to the five-member Merit Commission. Sheriff Roger Mulch submitted a letter to the board, requesting the pay be reinstated.

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