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April 19, 2013

County deficit of $32,000 projected

MT. VERNON — With only two payrolls in April, Jefferson County’s finances have improved, although still on life support.

Treasurer Dan Knox reported as of Tuesday, the General Corporate balance stood at $413,000 with claims to be approved at Monday’s full board meeting of $81,843. He also said county now has claims for February through April of $266,513 that have not been paid.

Outstanding for February are claims of $47,676, for March $82,250, and Knox is projecting claims of $82,000 for April, which would place the county at nearly $300,000 in outstanding claims by the end of this month.

“Considering our cash flow, we’ve done a good job on demand claims,” Knox said, but added the county has a long way to go to catch up. “We’re still in arrears, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”

With payrolls of coming on April 29, May 13 and May 27, the county is expected to be in the red by $32,157 by the end of April. At the end of March, Knox projected a deficit of $103,000.

Knox pointed out the $32,000 deficit is not as bad as first projected, based on irregular income of approximately $218,000, which includes an income tax payment, personal property replacement tax and a franchise fee from Charter Communications.

In the major tax revenues, the county received $144,154 in income tax receipts and $64,000 from the Personal Property Replacement Tax, although 15 percent of that amount is used for FICA, Medicare and IMRF.

The county has not received a $24,215 payment for the local use tax.

The county’s Public Safety Tax compared to last month is down significantly from $109,000 to $77,000 this month. The bank fund balance is $1.7 for the Public Safety Tax.

The State Income Tax remains about three months behind, with about $430,000 due.

“Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape with our receivables,” Knox said.

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