Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 19, 2013

County deficit of $32,000 projected


---- — MT. VERNON — With only two payrolls in April, Jefferson County’s finances have improved, although still on life support.

Treasurer Dan Knox reported as of Tuesday, the General Corporate balance stood at $413,000 with claims to be approved at Monday’s full board meeting of $81,843. He also said county now has claims for February through April of $266,513 that have not been paid.

Outstanding for February are claims of $47,676, for March $82,250, and Knox is projecting claims of $82,000 for April, which would place the county at nearly $300,000 in outstanding claims by the end of this month.

“Considering our cash flow, we’ve done a good job on demand claims,” Knox said, but added the county has a long way to go to catch up. “We’re still in arrears, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”

With payrolls of coming on April 29, May 13 and May 27, the county is expected to be in the red by $32,157 by the end of April. At the end of March, Knox projected a deficit of $103,000.

Knox pointed out the $32,000 deficit is not as bad as first projected, based on irregular income of approximately $218,000, which includes an income tax payment, personal property replacement tax and a franchise fee from Charter Communications.

In the major tax revenues, the county received $144,154 in income tax receipts and $64,000 from the Personal Property Replacement Tax, although 15 percent of that amount is used for FICA, Medicare and IMRF.

The county has not received a $24,215 payment for the local use tax.

The county’s Public Safety Tax compared to last month is down significantly from $109,000 to $77,000 this month. The bank fund balance is $1.7 for the Public Safety Tax.

The State Income Tax remains about three months behind, with about $430,000 due.

“Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape with our receivables,” Knox said.

County officials are still hopeful that finances will improve with the return of ICE prisoners. Sheriff Roger Mulch reported Thursday night an inspection of the Jefferson County Justice Center will be held sometime next week by ICE officials. The county has not had ICE prisoners since December when they were pulled out by the feds due to medical issues. Chairman Robert White indicated a special meeting may be held following Monday’s full Board meeting to call back personnel recently laid off as a result of the ICE pullout.

In other business, the Committee took no action on a request from Coroner Eddie Joe Marks to reinstate $3,600 in his budget for deputy coroner salaries.

The Committee also made a motion to keep the 2012-2013 budget open for another 60 days.

During a Land, Tax and Appointments Committee meeting, Greg Sims was recommended to be named to the Jefferson County Housing Authority and Dr. David Asbery was recommended to be appointed to the Mt. Vernon Airport Authority.