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March 4, 2013

Career fair to be held at MVTHS

MT. VERNON — — Junior high and high school underclassmen will get an opportunity to zero in on possible career choices on Friday when a career fair will be held at Mt. Vernon Township High School.

The event, co-sponsored by the Hamilton-Jefferson counties Regional Office of Education and the Rend Lake Area Regional Delivery System, will be held in the school's L Building, commonly referred to as The Warehouse, from 9 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

"We're expecting about 1,000 kids to come through — mostly eighth=graders and freshmen from the outlying schools," said Kara Andrews, director of the RLARDS. "We'll have kids from Mt. Vernon, Woodlawn, Webber, Waltonville and Hamilton County."

Andrews explained students will be able to visit their areas of interest for a short time, and then move to other areas of interest.

"When the students come in they're only there for a session, so they may only have time to visit five or six exhibitors, so we want them to visit the ones that pertain to their interests," she said.

The agencies have divided the exhibitors into similar areas of interest to five students the freedom to visit only the occupational fields in which they have interest. For example, hospitality and tourism, human services and information and technology are divided into one area, while business management and administration are divided into another area.

"It's kind of like speed dating, except it's for careers," Andrews said. "When the music plays, they have about 90 seconds to find a new location. We cram a lot of presentations in a short amount of time."

About 60 vendors/businesses are participating in the Career Fair. About 36 tables will be displayed, with one to three presenters at each table.

"They are so kind to volunteer their morning to talk to the kids. We really appreciate their time," Andrews said of the exhibitors.

As expected, the event is to help the young adults start thinking about career choices.

"We want to get them started at looking at careers and get familiar with the occupations so when they get to high school they will take courses that will benefit them the most. We want them to have a starting point," Andrews said.

Worksheets given to students and exhibitors help the sponsors plan future events.

"It's very good feedback and it let's us know what other occupations they would like to see. We were actually able to add a couple this year as a result of last year's feedback," Andrews said. "We always get very positive feedback. Normally, everyone involved enjoys the morning."

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